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December 5, 2015

Waste of Tax Money


Total Conservative readers are usually concerned with the same things all Americans are concerned about, Infringement on personal freedoms, Illegal immigration, Terrorism, and Lesbian obesity. Wait, what? You say you’re not concerned about lesbian obesity? Oh. Well, you probably won’t be happy to learn about the nearly $3 million the federal government has spent researching the subject over the last four years.

Indeed, the curiosity of the National Institutes for Health is not to be easily satiated. The project is dead-set on finding out why “nearly three-quarters of adult lesbians are overweight or obese.” They are also very curious – as I’m certain you are – to figure out why the same problem does not exist in the gay male community. Though they’ve yet to identify a cause in the link, the project’s budget was thankfully doubled over the last couple of years, ensuring that researchers will finally find the answers they’ve been looking for.

For now, the researchers are pinning their tentative hopes on low “athletic self-esteem.” Another paper suggested that lesbians may be more likely to be in denial about their weight. Still another paper found that gay males were driven by a greater desire for toned muscles than their straight counterparts. All of this research is being paid for with your tax dollars, by the way.

The study joins the trash heap of tax wasting government programs that include:

  • $10 million to advertise the National Guard with the movie “Soldier of Steel,” even as budget cuts force 8,000 Guard soldiers out of work.
  • $17.5 million in tax exemptions for Nevada brothels that go towards groceries, rent, and prostitute wages.
  • Almost $1 million towards the National Endowment of Humanities for a comprehensive study of romance novels and films.
  • Untold billions on Obamacare.

Whether NIH researchers ever find the smoking gun that allows them to publish significant findings regarding obese lesbians or not, our tax dollars continue to be spent in ways that not even your average liberal would approve of. Everyone expects a tax-and-spend strategy from the Dems, but it gets really irritating when you actually drill down and see what they’re spending your money on. At least when it was being funneled into the space program there was a sense of exploratory excitement about it. Is anyone excited to see the results of this study? Not even fat lesbians give a damn about this ridiculous crap.

In the current economy, there are no spending cuts too small. We should be focusing on providing deep tax breaks to companies setting up shop in other countries, and we can’t afford to do that as long as we have to pay for these frivolities. We should be building up our national defense, shoring up our borders, and making sure our infrastructure is maintained and improved. This is the job of the federal government. Studying lesbian obesity can be done, but it can be done through private grants. If that’s the best the feds can do with our tax dollars, then it’s time to change the system at a fundamental level.

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