The Freedom Quest America Partner’s Program is designed to partner with other Christian Patriots who are already working within the three pillars of freedom arenas (business, religious and political).

Lance Wallnau

Dr. Lance Wallnau

We are promoting and partnering with Dr. Lance Wallnau as he has been called and anointed prophetically as an evangelist, teacher and business leader. He has been an evangelist for many years, travels the world speaking and teaching and now has a mastermind coaching program.  God has gifted him with a fresh new anointing to help lead this revolutionary revival movement around the world to unite God’s people and take back America to God and to build and expand God’s Kingdom globally.

Steve CSteve Cioccolanti

We are promoting and partnering with Pastor and Prophet Steve Cioccolanti from Australia. Steve Cioccolanti is Senior Pastor of Discovery Ministries, Melbourne, Australia. Born in Thailand to a family of Catholic, Buddhists, Methodists and Muslims, Steve has a unique perspective on world religions. He is a popular speaker and travels widely. God has anointed him to unite Christians using social media. He is currently working to build a new platform that I believe will become instrumental in these last days as the battle heats up on the internet. He has over 300,000 people plugged into his teaching all over the world through social media already!

Jonathan Cahn

Rabbis Jonathan Cahn

We are promoting and partnering with the born again prophet and Pastor, Rabbis Jonathan Cahn, who wrote the timely prophetic books, The Harbinger, The Shemitah and The Paradigm.  These are all books every believer must read if they care to know what God is doing in the world today!



Bradlee Dean

Bradlee Dean

One final example is that we are promoting and partnering with Bradlee Dean’s ministry Sons of Liberty!  He has a national radio program, is a speaker to schools and churches, and has one of the strongest and most amazing ministries to the younger generation. He is the strongest and boldest patriot preacher in America today!



Chapter Partners

Freedom Quest University is our education program to prepare the next generation of Christian leaders for taking back America to God, the Constitution and “We the People”. They will find their God-given purpose in their profession, where God will help them build a national business and ministry to reach those they are assigned to.

In the process they will learn to create wealth God’s way for his purpose of building His Kingdom!  I call this getting your real PHD – Prophetic Holy Spirit Doctorate. We are praying in investors and partners who catch this vision of FQA and want to join this mission. We are selling FQA Chapters for states, cities, and districts. This is buying the rights to market the FQA educational program, resources and products. It is also an opportunity to market the FQA Value Marketing Program and Eagle Referral Business Directory, where 10% of each web page goes to support our Veterans Fund! This provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners to advertise for a fraction of the price as FQA sponsor and partner.

The Eagle Referral Business Network is an organization of business leaders who are Christians, Veterans and Patriots. Our mission is 3-fold.  (1) promote and support each other in our communities (2) inform and educate our staff and employees starting with the Eagle Seminar (3) be a greater blessing to our communities starting with supporting our veterans and soldiers with Patriots Golf Days. We encourage all FQA members and customers to support our Eagle Patriots business sponsors.