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The Freedom Quest Partners Program is for those companies and business leaders who want to help Freedom Quest America expand into other markets across the country. FQA wants to establish FQA Chapters in each state that is owned or run by a state director. Each one of these programs is designed to start with churches and school districts working with a small business group of FQA Sponsors. This program is designed to start in any Town USA or even a large city like Phoenix AZ.

We are currently looking for National Business Partners to help start and grow new Freedom Quest Chapters in cities across America working with local Chapter Presidents who are passionate about teaching and promoting the FQA Program! FQA is able to keep the cost affordable and to make it accessible to all high school, college students and employees who want to take the program. Through our partnerships and fund raising events, the FQA Program is able to offer scholarships for the FQA “Eagle Seminar” so that no student will ever be turned away! If you are interested in sponsoring a student or a class or you’re a business owner that would like to purchase a Freedom Quest Partners Program, please contact Steve G. Sandoval at

National Partners

We are currently looking for our National Business Partners to help start and grow new Freedom Quest Chapters in cities across America one state at a time. This Partnership will give you a region of the country to own and partner with FQA. We have a model in place that has many options to monetize and give you the flexibility to operate your territory. You then have the option to run as many chapters with your own teams or you can sell Chapters in each state in your region and city to city! You partnership will be supported by FQA Corporate and Steve G. Sandoval the President. This partnership is a good and strong investment opportunity for any American Patriot who is ready and willing to …….

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