Media Backup

FQA Media

Part of our mission at FQA is to quickly reach thousands of people who can reach thousands of people and so on! We want to build membership up quickly and help members get plugged into the FQA Community through the website so they can be encouraged, informed and start getting training. This will be done with a combination of strategies working with the most successful organizations in America. FQA will grow very quickly using five selected mediums to recruit, build, inform and train a new generation of educated American Patriots who are committed to “Take Back America” We will use the following;

internetradio YouTubevideotv fqamusic


Social Media
FQA will use the latest technology and strategies available today for reaching thousands of people who then can pass on vital information to other American Patriots. FQA Members will sponsor others into the program who then can continue to duplicate this process over and over again with the results of reaching of millions of Americans who also believe in God, America and providing and protecting their families freedom and liberty!


FQA Patriot NEWS
Freedom Quest America is committed to sharing with its members the best most accurate news information in the world. Up to date news based on facts, truth and is backed up by sources and is relevant to our lives. The more we know about what is really going on in our government and the other nations in the world the better we can plan and prepare. The more we can look after each other, pray for one another and for our nation at large the stronger and safer we will be! Get the News with a Godly world view point first!


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