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Here are just a few ministries books, I use to build my relationship in Christ and to grow in the Lord. I start my day with my Jesus time thanking and praising God for my blessings, health and provision. I start reading my daily Utmost for His Highest every day, 365 days a year, year after year! This is where I get my leading and teaching from the Holy Spirit as he leads me through his word the (bible) for my study and direction and confirmation in my daily walk. Then I read my Proverbs every day for 31 days month after month- where we get wisdom and promise from God if we do things his way we get all his promises and blessings. If we go our own way (man’s way) we get his curses and reap what we speak, do and sow. I read through the whole bible every year by following the plan from My Utmost. I end by praying the Lord’s Prayer in personal detail starting with praying for our nation’s leaders. I pray for wisdom, guidance, in all my decisions, concerning my business and ministry, my finances and health, my protection for my family and friends and their special needs, dreams and desires. Amen!


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