FQA Events


  • AZ Convention of States, LibertyFest – December 5, 2pm to 5pmFreedom Quest America is proud to be a sponsor of the 1st Annual Liberty Fest for AZ Convention of States.  Join us at 6850 E. Williams Field Road in Mesa, AZ, at the Four Points by Hilton.

    Learn how “We the People” can fix Washington DC.   Hear Constitutional scholar, Michael Farris, explain why and how we can save our country for our children and future generations.  Also speaking will be Bob Thorpe, Republican member of the AZ House of Representatives.  There will be live music from Chad Freeman and the Redline Band, Food, Drink and Fun!  Learn more at our Liberty Fest page.  Who Decides?  Who makes the decision that affects you and your family?  Do you?  Or does one State Senator from Gilbert?  Our republic’s Constitution guarantees our self-governance.  Have “We The People” lost our ability to self-govern?

  • America Patriot Golf – TBA

    We will be using a new system where golfers can play their weekly round anytime throughout the week to give everyone more flexibility and a chance to play. We will meet on a set day but if you cannot make that then you can make arrangements to play another day as long as you are playing with another member. This golf league is for golfers to play, network and fellowship and to pray for America. FQA will take 10 minutes to present the Freedom Quest America Vision and mission to potential patriots!

  • FQA Presentations – TBA

    A weekly presentation meeting for entrepreneurs and small business leaders to meet up, network and to promote their business with like-minded people! This will start as a monthly meeting that will grow into a weekly meeting that rotates around the city. This also gives us a chance to share the vision and mission of FQA to recruit more members.

  • FQA Praise Rally – TBA

    A monthly worship service for FQA Patriots –rotates around the valley: An opportunity for the church and Gods people to praise, worship and pray for God’s continued blessing, provision and protection for our country, families and American Patriots.

  • FQA Business Expo – TBA

    An annual event that provides our members the opportunity to market their products and services to the local community and fellow MSC Members.