Eagle Seminar


The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and knowledge. - Proverbs 1:7 NIV

Political, Religious and Economic Freedom

FQA has created a simple, easy to understand, yet comprehensive online class that combines and interlocks the teachings of the three most important pillars to our freedoms that have made America the greatest and most exceptional nation on earth!.

It also guarantees each and every one of us as American citizens the same opportunities to reach the highest levels of personal success spiritually, physically and financially! Political, religious and economic freedoms affect every one of our lives profoundly, yet we have been programmed and even bullied not to talk about these important topics and issues that affect our personal freedom because they might be too controversial? Americans have been indoctrinated, programmed and pressured to be more concerned with being politically correct so we do not offend someone and hurt their feelings. Bottom line is they want to shut down all debate and conservative policies and facts.

Sadly, now for decades more and more Americans have been afraid to speak up to defend and protect the values and founding principles concerning our liberty, freedom and our lives. Therefore most Americans have become ignorant, frustrated, confused and discouraged about politics, economics and their own personal faith. Today 50% of Americans are not even registered to vote in elections! 50% of those who are registered do not take time to vote as they have just given up all together or they simply do not even care what happens in their country.

For the first time in our history there are now more Americans who do not know or understand how politics and government actually work and they do not know how the free enterprise system is designed to give all Americans the best chance in achieving financial freedom. This starts with the fact that most Americans have never read or been taught about the founding documents like the: Declaration of Independence - The Bill of Rights - The United States Constitution.