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Freedom Quest America™ is dedicated to educating Americans on the founding principles and values that made this country the greatest nation on earth. Grounded in the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and the “Bill of Rights”, these principles and ideas have been proven again and again in every generation of Americans. Our nation has grown and thrived for more than 235 years because of our founding principles of individual liberty, free enterprise, personal responsibility, and our traditional, patriotic family values. However, our freedom, liberty, and patriotism has been eroding in the last 50 years with runaway immoral greedy government, over spending, higher and more taxes and ridiculous regulations that only hurt and destroy small business and limit other from trying to improve their own life. In our first 200 years, Americans created more freedom, wealth and prosperity around the world than all other countries put together. FQA was established to inform, educate, train and unite a new generation of Capitalists (Entrepreneurs) Conservatives, (Constitutionalists) and Christians (People of faith in God) who have not yet lost hope for America and in pursuing their dreams. We must become informed, moral citizens and learn how politics, laws and government affect our lives and freedom.

FQA and its members will become a resource center and online community where any American can come and learn and educate their family and their friends about the 3 most important subjects and concerns we have as American citizens. I learned a long time ago that there are 3 groups of people in the America and we see them everywhere we go and they all think & talk the same language! The 1st group is the Poor Brain People; – they mostly talk negative about other people and just complain with envy in their heart. The 2nd group is the biggest and they are the Average Brain People; -they mostly talk about sports events and how bad their jobs are and they live for the weekends! The 3rd and final group is the Rich Brain People; – they mostly talk about Politics, Religion and Business! They know that these subjects are where they must invest their time and money in because they know that is how a person can control and determine the destiny and outcome of their future! So guess what FQA is all about? Helping the poor and average person in America get into the big game of life and have the same opportunity to pursue and create their own happiness – which is their own dreams and goals.

FQA will provide 27/7 updated information news of the day and will keep Americans updated on the most important relevant news and how our representatives and government employees are doing their job! FQA will provide you the resources to educate and keep you apprised in what is happening in our government and in the world at large. FQA will have its own radio program, daily blog and use social media to help grow our membership throughout the nation. For those of us who still live in reality or what I like to call “Real-Ville.” We know for every problem there is a simple solution in fixing most problems! However, an all- controlling, immoral greedy, bloated federal government makes these simple solutions impossible to implement in today’s America. Americans are sick and tired of the same old career politicians, TV and radio political hacks and pundits claiming the higher ground and blaming the other party for all of America’s problems. It seems with every election cycle Government gets bigger and more corrupt, and things only get worse as we the citizens lose more freedom and money from our pay checks. The only people who seem to win anymore are those who work for our government in some capacity? This was not what the founders meant by limited government and checks and balances. It is time for the American citizens to take back their country from those who dare to tear down the foundation that allowed so many to become free and prosper as they pursued their God given purpose and dreams. It is time to begin your own Freedom Quest Journey and join forces with other American Patriots. Trust me, there are millions of patriots out there that think and believe just like you and me. We are still the majority no matter what ABC, CBS or NBC say! It is time for a “Second American Revolution” – this time to take back our freedom and liberty from those who have shredded the Constitution and decided they will become like gods and control and mold other into their own image. This war will not be fought with guns and bullets but first with prayer, unity, and love for country! Yes, it will take risk, hard work, sacrifice but we have a promise from Almighty God from the bible. We just need to obey Him and put all our faith in Him!

New International Version 2 Chronicles 7:14
“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

September 15, 2014


Freedom Quest America™ is dedicated to educating Americans on the founding principles and values that made this country the greatest nation on earth. Grounded in the […]
September 1, 2014
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July 3, 2014

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