APG Golf


Come out and join us in playing golf and raising money for our fellow veterans and soldiers and their families. We have partnered with some great companies in America who want to raise money and bring awareness to the complete failure of our government to take care of our soldiers and veterans when they come back home from war. These great men and woman need support, medical care and help financially. We are a group of veterans who use the game of golf that we are blessed to still play and enjoy and we have turned our love for this game into a way to raise awareness and needed funds for our fellow brothers and sisters who have served our nation in our local communities.


So how do we do this and how can you participate?

The APG Club Tour has two programs; the first is a golf club membership to come out and play either 9 or 18 holes skin game every week depending on their time availability. If you don’t play golf then we invite you to take a golf lesson and start learning this great game with one of our APG Club Professionals. The 2nd program is called the APG Tour. This is for those golfers who have a dream and a passion to compete and challenge themselves to be the very best golfers they can be. Once APG Certified these golfers become professional golfers as they now can compete and play for cash prizes in monthly tournaments just like the guys on the PGA Tour. We have two divisions in the APG Tour, the first division is for ages 18 to 45, and the second is the APG Senior Tour starting at age 46. Each division has 4 flights to compete in. We invite you to come out to a weekly event and join us for either 9 or 18 holes at our host course Stone creek Golf Club which includes breakfast or lunch afterwards and a short presentation to share the vision and mission of Freedom Quest America and the APG Tour!

So now every time we tee it up we are golfing for dollars and every time we shop we are shopping for dollars. This money is used to help veterans in three specific programs.

  1. The first program is to help the neediest and most vulnerable amongst us those veterans that our government and nation has forgotten, those veterans who are homeless, sick and hungry. We get them off the street and put them in homes, plug them into a local church family and help them get back to being strong, healthy and productive with Gods help and the body of Christ working together in our local communities.
  2. The second program is to help those veterans who have serious injury and struggle with depression and they desperately need a buddy, a mentor and friends who can help and give support physically, medically, and spiritually.
  3. The third program is to help those who need assistance support in finding work and providing for their families! We train these men and woman in how to get back on track being productive by helping them find a work! Next step is to provide specific training in how to get financially strong and fit by learning how to get out of debt, start their own business and save on their taxes.


Our Co-Partners